Ilana Strom Harkavy

My fondest moment of Jessy is one that illustrates her humble nature. Years back, Jessy and I were both working for a publication called Garden Collage. I admired her work from afar but we didn’t get to speak often because I was on the other side of the country. She always had a way with art that made me smile (And I’m extremely picky when it comes to my taste in art!)

Lucky me, our co-worker Andreana called me one day and said “I think you should work with Jessy on Just Girl! She’s way too shy to bring it up and doesn’t want to be forward but I think she’d be super into it!” This was the conversation that started it all. I rang Jessy up out of the blue and asked her to work for me, illustrating girl power graphics for my project The Just Girl Project! She was so gracious and excited about the opportunity! She kept saying “Thank you so much for giving me this opp.” Meanwhile I was just elated that someone so talented and lovely would want to work with little old me.

Jessy and I worked together for 3 years, we brainstormed imagery together, shared ideas, laughed, and got excited as people shared Jessy’s beautiful art all over social media. It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to inspire so many.

To this day I see thousands of girls sharing Jessy’s art because it moves and humbles them and I ALWAYS tell them that in 3 years Jessy and I never got into a disagreement, we never didn’t see eye to eye, and we never had any issues PERIOD. Why? Because she was selfless, humble, gracious, and kind. She wanted the world to smile and her presence and art did just that.

I miss you Jessy. You will always be my creative guardian angel. Thank you for inspiring us all.

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