The Sweet Jessy Newsletter August 2021

Happy Middle of August!
The lazy days of summer seem to be swiftly sliding by.
Very soon, it will be all things pumpkin spice, bonfires & sweater weather....
Jessy's favorite season

Back when Jess was a toddler; starting about mid-September, I would pick up glorious pumpkin pies from Bakers Square. We would pile on the cool whip & eat to our hearts content. I have a little video of her --- taken on one of those behemoth over-the-shoulder movie cameras of the early 90's. She's watching her Daddy give Victor boxing lessons; while she stands next to the sofa, holding a plate of the cherished pumpkin pie --- while wearing her favorite Lion King outfit from the Disney Store at the mall. I can still see her quietly savoring every bite; not wanting to let go of the plate until every pie morsel was devoured.
Was this the start of her obsession with all things pumpkin spice?

As many of you know, we had an incredibly beautiful day to celebrate Jessy's bench dedication in Hudson River Park on July 31. Wow!
It was so heart-warming to see friends & teammates come together to celebrate Jessy.

Now, we all have a spot that truly feels like Jessy's essence is right here. Hopefully, everyone can visit her bench & feel Jessy's inspiration -- she had a quiet way of encouraging others to try a bit harder; that they are better than they think.

There are absolutely not enough words appropriate to express my love & appreciation to everyone who went above & beyond; just to make this event extra special for Jessy & her Mama.

Chris Forti, the Dashing Whippets coach, provided so much support & covered all the details to make the day unbelievably magical.
Brigette Kolson , a Whippets teammate, & Jess Allen-Elmore were solid rocks for me; designing, creating & packaging the tees & tanks. Thanks to their expertise, I didn't have to throw my laptop against the wall in frustration over
"simple technology, Mom"
(words used by Jessy & Vic).

Jessy's Whippets teammate, Yoon Lee helped set me up in a posh Chelsea hotel where I'm pretty sure NBA stars & their gorgeous partners/wives/whatever also stayed. All I know is, a couple very large/tall guys got in the elevator -- headed to the gym. I wanted to shoot pics of their legs
-- holy crap!I felt Jessy sighing next to me......"Mom, could you not?"
When I got caught up in the plans & forgot that I wanted Sunflowers at the bench, I mentioned the idea to Yoon & Brigette. Within 90 minutes, I received a massive bouquet of sunflowers; delivered to the hotel at 9:59 pm!
Thanks to Yoon & Brigette🌻
 I felt like I was in a Sex & the City scene.....minus the glamorous outfit, Manolo Blaniks & dreamy martinis.

All in all, the whole week-end was completely magical.
I felt Jessy's fierceness carry me through the whole time I was bumbling through the streets of New York; mastering the subway & a Queens bus ride.
Yep.....I know!  Who am I?!
Funny what we are capable of; when we make up our minds to try something new or scary....
thank you, Jessy.

We are still busy working on new products for the releases coming very soon!
With your help & social media, we can educate others on the importance of a heart EKG & staying in tune with our heart health.
If, through The Sweet Jessy Project's reach, we save just one life...spare one family's grief, we will feel so very accomplished.

With the sales of the Jessymessybunrun tees & tanks, we are donating proceeds to the Max Schewitz/ HeartSmartFoundation.

If Jessy had been guided to get an EKG, she would be here today.
I want other parents of young athletes to know that young hearts are prone to sudden cardiac arrest.
So stay tuned to our website & Instagram for more fun products & events celebrating our very own
Sweet Jessy! So much good is happening in her memory.
She deserves every bit & more.

Carla & Jessy🌻