The Sweet Jessy Project Newsletter December 2020

Welcome to The Sweet Jessy Project! 

Happy December, ya'll 

Boy, do we have some fun new pieces from Jessy's collection. 

Jessy absolutely LIVED for Christmas. She loved decorating the tree & house with all her special Holiday treasures. She always had her own little tree in her room; decked out with personal ornaments she collected since she was a baby. I think she loved Christmas music more than any other music throughout the year. She was adamant about waiting until after Thanksgiving to listen. I can just see her face, as we got in the car for the ride back to Chicago; after spending Thanksgiving with the grandparents in central Illinois. She would light up once the radio station came on with nothing but Christmas music. A fun Jessy fact: she always thought the song Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree said
"you will get a set of metal earrings" .....

For December, TheSweetJessyProject now offers:
Knit Hats

Please visit the sight often; we are adding new pieces almost daily.

Since we can't have social gatherings right now, we are planning a virtual Jessy Gallery for 2021. We have different location ideas & need to work out the rules of engagement. If everyone could experience Jessy's art in person, they would instantly fall in love with our girl. We want to share her gentle essence with the world! In the meantime....... let's all keep the Faith that things will get back to "normal" soon. Meaning, we can all get together & share Jessy memories.......her talent, wisdom, humble grace, untouchable sense of style, wit & unbelievable quick sarcasm (never mean).

In November, after the Veteran's Day fundraiser, we were able to send Travis Mills Foundation a nice check from donations made to TheSweetJessyProject. That feels SO good. TMF is an unbelievable organization helping "recalibrated veterans" & their families. I hope you check out their website. Travis Mills is an inspiration beyond belief.

In December, we have plans to donate a pile of Jessy puzzles to Cal's Angels & The Kids Cancer Foundation for pediatric cancer patients' Christmas gifts.

How we miss our Sweet Jessy.....every single day.

We want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts....your support is humbling. We know Jessy is smiling up there...... while having another coffee & a donut or 3.

All of us at TheSweetJessyProject wish each & every one of you a blessed holiday & a very peaceful New Year.

Peace & Blessings,
from TheSweetJessyProject