The Sweet Jessy Project Newsletter February 2021

Welcome to The Sweet Jessy Project! 

Wow! What the heck happened to January? 

Are ya'll sticking to those resolutions.....working those goals? 
I sure hope so. 
Keep pushing through the obstacles that may creep up on your path. 
If it were easy.....everyone would be doing it.

I have been working on getting back into race shape.
One of my goals is to do at least 1 biking event in 2021.
I haven't competed, seriously, since Jessy was 10 months old.
I can't believe it's been that long!
It takes a heckuva lot of time to train for an event.

As I go out on a ride or run, I set a distance or time goal.
Lately, it's super difficult at the beginning.
As I warm up (loosen up the old body), I notice I extend the finish line.
It feels so good when I get there & look back at what I just did.
So rewarding to know I didn't quit.

As I am nearing the finish, I talk to Jessy.
I ask her to help push me along; to give me strength.
Usually, I feel an added boost in my step or peddle strength.
Then, when I am done, I ask her if she's proud of her mama.
I NEVER want to just quit when it gets too tough......Jessy never did.
She pushed through every bit of self-doubt.

I hope Jessy gives all of you an extra boost of confidence & strength.
She had such a gentle way of encouraging & motivating others.
She would want you to feel good about your accomplishments.
She truly cared...... would encourage you to never give up on your goals.

Remember: If it were easy.... everyone would be doing it.

In true fierce Jessy spirit, TheSweetJessyProject is plugging along; creating new product ideas,
new website features, different formats to share Jessy's art.
We are determined to get Jessy Scarpone recognized across the globe.
.........Jessy was far too talented to be anything less than a STAR.

February is Heart Health Awareness Month.
A portion of proceeds from all sales, this month, will benefit
The Max Schewitz Foundation.
Thank you all, again & again, for supporting our Sweet Jessy.

Carla & Jessy
from TheSweetJessyProject