The Sweet Jessy Project Newsletter January 2021

Welcome to The Sweet Jessy Project!  

You gain strength, 
and confidence 
in which 
you really stop 
to look fear in the face. 
Do the thing 
you think you cannot do 

---Eleanor Roosevelt

Well. Well. Well........ 

We made it through 2020. Look at us go! 
2021 is going to be incredibly refreshing; in so many ways. 

Things Sweet Jessy is grateful for:
*Natural beauty-----just outside our doors
*Family & friends staying close & helping each other
*Finding new ways to entertain ourselves.......
& saving $$$ at the same time. yay!
*Maintaining healthy (mostly) & active lifestyles
*Stretching our brains; in order to learn new concepts/ways to do business
*Mostly......wait for it......
ALL of YOU who are reading this little thing we call a newsletter.

The Sweet Jessy Project is so very grateful for everyone who believes in our mission:
to share Jessy Scarpone with the WORLD.

By creating the pieces we were selling, over the holidays, we were able to introduce Jessy to a whole new audience.
Everyone seems to want to know more about Jessy Scarpone & her unbelievable the arts & athletics.

We were able to collect donations to present to The Heart Association, Max Schewitz & Cal's Angels in the next 2 weeks.

It has taken a huge collective effort to create each piece; which properly represents Jessy.

January is a time to reflect on the past year; to use what we have learned & move forward.
The Sweet Jessy Project has so many more fun ideas to help us share Jessy's spirit-----gathering an even larger audience.

In 2020, we were held back, by the unusual circumstances brought on by the pandemic. Yet, all of that has taught us
to be even more creative thinkers - to dig deep.

In true Jessy spirit, we are NOT going to give up or quit......

There is so much more of Jessy that needs to be shared.
(She was definitely multi-dimensional. Ha!)
So much more goodness we can share; in true Jessy fashion.
........... Imagine a book of Jessy Scarpone
---is it a novel?
---is it a children's book?
---is it a biography?
---is it science fiction? ( yeah. right!)
---is it an oversized coffee table display?

Probably a bit of each style.
Maybe there will be one of each! She deserves it all & more.

Needless to say, there are exciting plans being made this very minute. We can't wait to start sharing the next phase of
The Sweet Jessy Project.

Thank you ALL for supporting Jessy & the organizations we donate hopes of giving someone else a little boost from
the hands of an extraordinarily fierce girl...........
our very own Sweet Jessy Leigh Scarpone

Happy 2021, ya'll!

from TheSweetJessyProject