So here we are.....over halfway through July already.
What a month it has been so far!
We coasted away from June & slid into July on a cloud; following a very successful First Ever Sweet Jessy Gallery Show in Jessy's hometown of LIbertyville, Illinois.
Check out the website for some beautiful memories of the event.
So special!
Because of the gallery show, we created new connections with local business owners. One in particular, Libertyville, is now carrying Jessy's map of Libertyville; with interest in future products, as well.
Pretty exciting stuff, huh?!
And we aren't done with the month yet.......there's more......(drum roll, please)
With the gracious help of Jessy's cousin & Jessy's NY running team members, the Dashing Whippets, we are putting together a pretty spectacular bench dedication & #jessymessybunrun in NYC
on July 31.
Please check out their link:
We have Sweet Jessy tanks & tees for sale; designed by Jess Allen-Elmore & Brigette of the Dashing Whippets.
~ I truly could not have gotten this far without their professional guidance.
We are donating shirt proceeds to the Max Schewitz Foundation ~ raising awareness for the absolute need of more intense testing of young athlete's hearts.
Jessy would be here, if she had just gotten a simple EKG of her heart.
My goal is to make EKG tests a standard procedure during sports physicals ~ as standard as checking blood pressure.
Please keep up with us on Instagram; as we will be announcing more details as the date gets near.
As always, huge heartfelt thank yous are sent out to each of you......your support amazes me.
Jessy is such a good soul ~ she deserves all the recognition people are giving.
Bless you alllllllllll