The Sweet Jessy Project Newsletter May 2021

Holy Cow........Happy Spring!
I don't know about you all, but, this winter seems to have sped past with record speed....which explains the lack of newsletters since, what, February?
It's been a flurry of behind the scenes activity over here at The Sweet Jessy Project. Jessy is definitely keeping us busy!
In an effort to improve the online shopping experience, we decided to re-create a new website.
Oh boy! What an eye-opener that has been. I do not recommend this endeavor to ANYONE - unless you enjoy being tortured - slowly. Just when we think we have everything accounted for, the technology gods rain down little surprises; for our pleasure, of course.
Even through the stress of re-launching a new website, we have been working on fresh spring prints & candles.... along with other products to be released soon.
We are still working on a special bench dedication coinciding with a Jessy Messy Bun Run in Hudson River Park this summer. As things start opening & restrictions are lifted, we will have more exciting details. We are SO ANXIOUS to get this event underway. It's going to be so special. Jessy loved running along the West Side Highway; on the path her bench is located. It overlooks the Hudson River; where she could watch the sun set on all the skyscrapers.
After a quick promotion in February, we sold Jessy's "I am Grateful" tee with the proceeds benefiting The Max Schewitz Foundation; so fitting for Heart Health Awareness month. A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone who purchased such a special tee in Jessy's distinctive hand lettering style.
We will continue creating new products featuring Jessy's goodness & style.....while donating to charities that help others - just as Jessy would do.
In honor of Memorial Day & all our veterans; we are dedicating May sales proceeds to The Travis Mills Foundation.....who support recalibrated veterans & their families.
I invite you to visit their website: to learn more of this awesome man & what he has overcome.
Thank you for your support of our very special Sweet Jessy.
Together, we will get Jessy Scarpone's name to be synonymous with peace & goodness....throughout the land!
Carla & The Sweet Jessy Project 🌻🌻