The Sweet Jessy Project Newsletter September 2020

Welcome to The Sweet Jessy Project!
We have been working, tirelessly; gathering Jessy's artwork & organizing it into a manageable compilation that fully represents our sweet girl.
For those of you who knew Jess, I'm sure you understand what an undertaking this has been.
Jess was a rather complicated, multi-faceted thinker; with a huge heart of gold.
Trying to capture all of the nuances of her sweet essence can be a difficult task.
In the same manner that Jess gave of herself while she was with us on earth, we plan to keep giving to others through Jessy's art & love of running.
Thank you, so much, for your interest in our project.
Ever since we started planning The Sweet Jessy Project, we have received so much positivity from everyone like you.
We have SO MUCH more in store for the near future.
Each month, we will run a special fundraiser targeted to benefit one of the organizations we support.
Starting in September, which is pediatric cancer awareness month, we will have a special Jessy puzzle design fundraiser focused to support Cal's Angels; who do so many incredible things to help kids with cancer.
Again, thank you for believing in our mission.
Jessy deserves to be a star!
The Sweet Jessy Project